Social Occasions

Most of us rarely have to worry about speaking in public – with the exception of important social occasions.

That wedding speech or prize giving presentation can just appear out of the blue. It is the most important day of the year and friends and family will be watching – so no pressure, right?

For something so simple, it can cause endless worry and sleepless nights.

How long should it last? What do I need to include? Do I need to thank anyone or recognise their efforts?

What about humour? Will they laugh? Or will it cause offence?

What if I forget my lines, or freeze up?

Don’t worry!

I can take a lot of the burden off your shoulders.

Just give me the details and I can draft a speech for you. We can go over it together to ensure you are comfortable with the content.

And if you want, I can coach you to make sure you are your very best on this important day.

And if you prefer to work on this yourself, I have some guidelines to help you here.

Talk is cheap but an initial consultation is free so contact me today.