Speechwriting for Staffers


Political researchers are often asked to create speeches for their MPs and Ministers – ranging from simple messages of thanks to constituents, to Parliamentary debates, to full conference performances.

Speeches are important moments in a political career. A good performance can really boost your profile in front of a lot of people in a way that days of campaigning and casework never will. So it is important to get them right.

But not everyone has experience of writing key speeches. Civil servants tend to produce informative but dull tracts and researchers usually have more knowledge of campaigning and policy development.

That’s why I am hosting a half day workshop to help political staffers who find themselves drafting a speech.


In a half day session we will cover:

Planning – You don’t want to waste valuable time, so what are the questions you should be asking before you even sit down to write the first draft?

Structures – My structured approach ensures that you say everything you need to and say it in the right place, at the right time. I will also share templates for several common types of speech that you will be asked to draft.

Editing for Space and Pace – How to add dramatic impact without running over time or losing important content. The editing and redrafting process is really important and I can give you some useful guidance.

Speech Writing Surgery – You may already have a speech writing project under way, so I will be happy to give you advice and answer questions.


I have helped dozens of candidates through the demanding selection process and many of them are now sitting on the Green Benches in Parliament.

With 26 years in politics at two big London Boroughs and in the London Assembly, I discovered how to draft attention grabbling speeches the hard way, using speaking opportunities to build my reputation.

As Deputy Mayor to Boris Johnson, I learned much from his approach including the use of humour and flexible, modular speaking styles.

And I won the debating prize during my time at the Middle Temple studying for The Bar.

So I can help you too.


The workshop will take place on Friday 14th February at a Central London venue, running from 9am to 1pm.

It will be an intensive experience with lots of learning and some practice, so I’m keeping the group to no more than ten people.

You need to be prepared to work hard and learn fast.

If you are interested please contact me for more details and to reserve your place.

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