Three Months Of Mentoring

“Roger must be one of the best political speech and presentation coaches in the business. He is superb at adding those final finishing touches to transform your speech from standard and mediocre to stand out and exceptional.

“His techniques for taking control of the Q & A session to enable you to get all your best points across are also vital in a highly competitive process.

“Most of all Roger is one of the nicest coaches I have ever come across. With authenticity so much the order of the day, his 100% affirmative and confidence giving approach, is invaluable and I recommend him unreservedly.”   – Anna Firth, MP for Southend West

A number of the candidates I have worked with have suggested that a longer term mentoring commitment would be valuable when it comes to progressing with their action points and would allow a more flexible approach to take advantage of vacancies and other opportunities as they arise.

In response I have created a three month mentoring programme with regular face to face sessions and access to the additional services that I would normally charge for separately as individual sessions.

There are other trainers available but I believe that this is the first offer of a medium term mentoring partnership. I’m able to do this because I focus EXCLUSIVELY on the political market and use examples and experience from my own political career and the MPs and Ministers who I have helped since 2006.

The programme will run for three months and it comprises 12 face to face meetings on Zoom – one each week, where we can complete exercises and you can raise questions. These can include as necessary:

Goal setting and progress – to keep you focused on the important goals you have set.

Interview Planning – before you have been invited to a selection and in greater detail when the interview is imminent.

Assessment Board practice – including the public speaking exercise and the interview.

Mock Interviews – for crucial selection finals

Application Forms – review content and layout before submission.

Speeches – high level advice and line by line reviews

Media – raising your profile and including crisis management if necessary

As this is a new initiative I’m offering the first tranche of clients an attractive rate all in for three months.

I really believe that this approach will boost your chances of selection so please do contact me if you would like to take part.

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